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Thrust areas & thrust activities

Thrust Areas

We work in Coastal region of West Bengal, particularly at Sagar Island , the biggest and most populated island of the Sundarbans. The primary occupation for majority of the population is agriculture & fishery, but they face the challenge of Climate Change, from recurrent threats of violent storms & cyclones. In addition, we do provide Project-based learning facilities in schools of other districts of West Bengal.

Thrust activities

Our core activities focus on education for sustainability

Alternative Education, Climate Resilient adaptation activities (salt tolerant Paddy, Integrated Farming, etc); Environment( awareness & Action for Rejuvenation); Biodiversity Conservation; SHG strengthening; SC & ST Community Development, Organic Farming, Traditional Paddy (salt-resistant paddy suited for salt affected lands in the Sunderbans) Conservation, etc. We also participate in children’s Science Congress and other competitions showcasing the experimental projects made by our students.