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A Science Room is established at Sagar Island ( Paribesh Unnayan Parishad) with support from K. S. Memorial Centre for Rural Development & Research through a foreign student (Aunnesha Bhowmick, class XI) from Boston. America. Aunnesha Bhowmick of Commonwealth School of Boston has visited our rural centre at Sagar Island twice ( 2017 & 2018) to study the Mangroves and its fauna at Sagar Island. She also explored the possibility of engaging local students in "Activity based science projects" just when we have taken up the responsibility of the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Education Project (2018). During her short stay she presented a biodiversity map of the mangrove forest on the western side of our rural centre using PRA technique. She also guided one of our student groups in the Wipro project. When she went back to USA she raised funds to buy a salinometer and also to set up a science lab for our rural centre. This lab is now being used by the students of our study centre to do hands on simple experiments.

The plan is to provide facilities for all age groups so as to fulfil their needs, basic education, understanding laws & principles of Science subjects; water and soil analyses for agriculture, pisciculture, etc. Aunnesha has already supplied us a Conductivity Meter for salt analysis of soil.

The science activities are planned in three separate phases. For students in class V and VI experiments or activities which yield quick results are incorporated. Those activities which yield results instantly in the classroom or in the lab but involves scientific techniques. For class VII to IX activities which involves practical experimentation and some calculations to get the desired result. For classes XI and XII experiments spread over a period of time and with emphasis on experimental designing may be conceived. According to Aunnesha, lower class students are less focused on the scientific process and more attracted by experimental results, very much like magic. But senior students are more focused on the process .

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