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Paribesh Unnayan Parishad (PUPA) is a non-government organisation located in the state of West Bengal, India with its registered office in Kolkata. As the name suggests, PUPA is concerned with environmental conservation and Socio-economic development. The organisation was set up in 1992 by a group of scientists from Zoological Survey of India, the premier national organisation entrusted with survey, exploration and research on the fauna of the country.

During its long journey, it has been joined by professionals from various fields including economists, environmentalists, agriculturists, academicians, social workers and even students. PUPA has also succeeded in building up strong relationships with a number of reputed national and international organisations as well as community-level grass root organisations engaged in various domains of ecological conservation and rural development.

Since 2014 a separate unit (under PUPA) named Krishna Suchitra Memorial Centre for Rural Development and Research has been set up to promote nature based primary education to local children, promote activity based science learning and undertake rural developmental research.

Organisation has long experience in the field of survey, early alternative childhood education, Biodiversity Conservation, Livelihood improvement activities, environmental education, traditional paddy conservation, etc. It has carried out NEEPS & NEAC programme, WWF-funded project, State Pollution Control Board ( Awareness) NABARD (Farmers' Club),), State Environment Department (ICZMP), DST (SC & ST projects), UNDP, World Bank, CEE supported project for awareness & EE, as evidenced from the Annual Reports. Recently, PBR & Biodiversity Conservation Park (WBBB), State DST (Science Camp). PUPA is now involved with the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Education Programme (2018 & 2019) through CEE, Ahmedabad, on School-based Sustainability Education Programme, involving about 75 Schools from W.B. Successful participation of School Students & teachers in National Children's Science Congress (NCSC) and also in State Regional Science & Technology Congress with our mentoring support is one of our common activities to mention.

The year 2016 proved a landmark for the organisation, when a small Science laboratory was set up with seed money from Zee Bangla, a Bengali cable television channel, while telecasting ( DADAGIRI Episode) the innovative Study Centre's activities in the Krishna Suchita Memorial Model Study Centre. In the next year, Aunnesha Bhowmick of Commonwealth School of Boston has visited our Rural Centre at Sagar Island to explore the possibility of engaging in activity based science project just when we have taken up the responsibility of the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Education project. During her short stay she presented a biodiversity map of the mangrove forest on the western side of our rural centre using PRA technique. She also guided one of our student groups in the Wipro project in 2018 (Water & Sustainability). When she went back to USA she raised funds to buy a Salinometer and also to set up a Room for our Science lab at Sagar Island.. This lab is now being used by the students of our study centre and by the students of local schools to do hands on simple experiments.